CME Leaders

Amos Johnson Jr. PhD

From a very young age Amos was very creative, he would take apart electronics and try to reassemble them. He created his own transformers from cardboard, and with the help of his dad built his first robot while in high school as a science fair project.

Besides teaching Entrepreneurship, he is an Assistant Professor at Morehouse College in the Computer Science Department where he teachers various computer science courses and researches the effectiveness of using non-traditional input devices and simulation environments to increase a student’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

About His Site

Amos has a passion for helping Christian Entrepreneurs develop God inspired businesses because financial prosperity comes through faith in God & business. To help you with your God inspired business, this website provides several resources.

Stephanie LH Calahan

Productivity & Organization Tips and Tactics for entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small business. Get more done so that you have time and room for what is important in your life.

Is frequently speak at conferences and workshops about business and personal productivity and how to gain focus so your business can grow and prosper. Stephanie writes regularly on 2 productivity and organization blogs, have authored several productivity programs, and a contributing author on several online outlets.

About Her Site

Founder of Calahan Solutions, Inc. and a  business/office and personal productivity adviser. Stephanie have been consulting large (fortune 100) and small (self-employed) businesses since 1995 and am an expert at helping business owners leverage their time, space and information to get more clients, opportunities and balance life.

Through her consulting and training business, she has help independent professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate their business profits using an integrated productivity and organization strategy. After applying her proven productivity methods, clients typically experience a significant decreases in stress and errors as well as a significant increases in goal accomplishment and smooth business flow which results in higher profits.


Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox designed his own church’s website in 1998 using (then) Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver. This sparked a love for all things creative, from branding and logos to graphic design for the web, and especially for the art of blogging. He has been blogging at Life Here and There since 2004. He’s a Pastor at Saddleback Church in southern California where he serves as Editor of, one of the world’s largest websites for Pastors. He also does freelance logo and web design.

He’s originally from Kentucky, but now lives in Laguna Hills, California with his wife and kids. He also really loves sweet iced tea and Pixar movies!

You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Also follow Fuel Your Blogging on Twitter.

About His Site

Your loyal readers hang on your every word. You have a bunch of subscribers who think you’re great and can’t wait to get your next post in their inbox. Heck, WE think you’re great. Fuel Your Blogging is here to make you even better. We know, we know, you’re already a kick-butt blogger who knows your stuff. We’re here to make any new blogging stuff even easier to come by. The latest news and trends, the advice on how to increase your already impressive readership. Both of them. Chats with fellow bloggers who have made it big. Done. We bet we’re going to be BBFFs (Blogging Best Friends Forever) in no time.

Dr. Bill Graybill

For more than 30 years, Dr. Bill Graybill has counseled, mentored, and coached men and women from all backgrounds to reach their greatest potential — spiritually, emotionally, and in the work place.

“Nothing energizes me more than to see someone accomplish great things with their life,” says Bill, author of a textbook on personality types.

As a young man, Bill bounced from job to job, with no goals or direction for his life. Then, an encounter with Jesus Christ changed his life radically, and ignited a passion for helping others grow in their spiritual walk.

About His Site

Success isn’t enough. Most people want to know that their life has purpose and significance. What’s yours?

I’m a pastor, teacher, author, and life coach. For more than 30 years, I’ve been helping men and women identify their God-designed purpose and coaching them how to make a difference in their home, their community, and our nation.

I believe God has a call for every man and woman. Most of us just need someone to help us get there.

Jory Hingson Fisher

Who am I?  Who am I called to be?  What am I called to do?  Perhaps like you, I’ve pondered these questions since high school.  Though the answers don’t change, our understanding does as we progress through the various stages of our adult life.  Moreover, our need to know the answers to such questions varies in intensity depending on our age and circumstances.

One way to understand the concept of purpose, as developed by Tim Kelley, the developer of the True Purpose™ process, is to divide it into three categories: essence, blessing, and mission.

Our essence is who we are at the core, a quality or energy that we radiate into the world whether we realize it or not.  To use my essence as an example, I’m a messenger of God’s love, joy, and compassion for His creation.

About Her Site

Do you feel like you’re on the wrong path?  Or maybe not the best one?

Do you lie awake wondering where to use your unique combination of gifts, skills, education, and experience?  Which job to take?  Which career to pursue?  Which service to provide?

Do you wish someone could shepherd you from doubt and confusion to certainty, clarity, and peace?

If that sounds familiar, we need to talk. I heal the ache of resourceful, competent women who secretly crave more purpose, passion, and joy.

Joann Lim

I am a connoisseur of life.
I am a professional learner and an ambassador for living a fulfilled life.
I partner with individuals and organizations to create & instill Purpose. Passion. Possibility. into their everyday.

It is about bringing back the human side to humanity, one smile, one encounter, one moment, one Make It Happen (MIH) Challenge/Opportunity at a time.

“Dying is an inevitable consequence of life; living is man’s privilege.”-unknown

About Her Site

Definition of a Connoisseur

1: expertespecially : one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and is competent to act as a critical judge

2: one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties <a connoisseur of fine wines>

Randy Austad

Randy Austad is the author of a growing number of faith-based affirmation tools including The CALL Vocational & Life Purpose Guide© , Personality Portraits©, and TryUnity©. Randy is a recognized expert in the field of assessments.  He is certified in over 40 different assessment tools including Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Gallup Strength Finder, Graphology and linguistic content analysis and is a consultant and speaker. Randy is a life long student of understanding people in the workplace and how that impacts the bottom line.

In addition to his assessment experience, he served as Executive VP in his family’s successful golf catalog business, Austad’s Golf, based in Sioux Falls, SD. Randy believes that “in both golf and your calling in life that the key is to connect to your sweetspot.” He also served as a Regional VP and assessment consultant for Profiles International, ( a leader in design, validation and delivery of on-line assessments for the corporate workplace. Randy was the youngest 2-term State Senator in South Dakota (1986-1990)

About His Site

We exist to provide followers of Christ with better insight into their life purposes and career decisions.

Is dedicated to helping you find your calling and life purpose through our affirmation tools and affirmation specialist training programs.  Our assessment tools are based on the truths of scripture and through research.  By understanding your calling you will in turn know what job and what college major to persue.  In ministry or business you will learn where your best “fit” is.

Deb Mertin

I am a Life Coach, trained through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and am a member of the Christian Coaches Network.  I have  personally experienced the benefit of having a Life Coach after transitioning from a management leadership role in a large multi-faceted church environment.

I am also certified as a  Level One Leading From Your Strengths Practitioner. When you discover your strengths and maximize your potential for using them it changes how you interact with coworkers and how you approach new situations. You discover the uniqueness of others while creating unity through personal assesments.

About Her Site

We were not created to do life alone but instead the indwelling of  HIS presence in our lives allows us to adsorb His peace, His compassion, and purposeful living that can only come from a Christ centred life.
When we slow down our breathing, focus on His goodness and take on an attitude of gratitude our outlook on the day ahead or the day past will definitely change. It will not matter if your “to do” list does not get completed today. I am sure if you set aside time to revitalize your self then the tasks will be completed in a sufficient and timely manner.
I challenge you to take time to be silent today and enjoy it. LIfe is good only if you can savour His presence as the guiding light for your life.


Matthew Fullerton

Working his way up from a busboy to General Manager of a prime water-front restaurant, Matthew gained a broad range of experience in the hospitality industry before leaving to join a company selling computer systems to that industry. Matthew quickly became a principal at Merchants Systems, increasing sales exponentially while developing and executing a business plan that led to multi-state operations.

In addition to overseeing operations, Matthew has developed, trained, and coached successful sales teams in a variety of industries, while meeting multi-million dollar sales quotas. He also launched an espresso cafe business and developed multi-site operations.

Matthew is active in several ministries at Saddleback Church. He serves as a leader in The Herd Men’s Ministry, a ministry coach and host of an in-home Bible study. He has a wonderful wife and four children.

About His Site

Led by skilled facilitators with solid business backgrounds and a mature faith, Convene groups meet monthly to work on their businesses, and make a bigger impact in the lives of the people they touch. Each member also meets individually with their group leader (Chair) in a One2OneTM session to work on implementing the new ideas and changes that will produce more results for the member and his or her business.

Convene members benefit from two distinct interdependent environments, Convene Forum DayTM and One2OneTM executive coaching sessions, which lead to a third environment, the Convene CommunityTM.


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