Take Care of What is in Front of You

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

by Dondi Scumaci

The tide of need in this world is like a tsunami. It swirls around us everyday in the news, on the street and online. If you are paying attention, it might be easy to feel very small and powerless in the wake of such tremendous, relentless need.

People are homeless, hungry, discouraged and ill. And it’s not just the people: animals are suffering too. Abused, thrown away and neglected.

Heartbreaking. Devastating. Continuous. Need.

Bad News Headines

This article has me thinking about something a dear friend of mine shared about the life and works of Mother Teresa. When confronted with the magnitude of need before her – when challenged that she could not possibly make a dent in that need, Mother Teresa’s advice was simple: “…do the thing that’s in front of you.”

There is real power in that. If each of us reaches out to take care of what is placed in our path, if we respond to what is in front of us, we will push back the tide of need. A million small actions creating critical mass – making an enduring difference.

In this season, my prayer is for each of us to see and respond to what is in front of us.

 Dondi Scumaci is an international speaker, author and expert in professional and personal development. Known for high energy seminars that produce dramatic results, Scumaci’s workshops are designed to deliver solid, actionable disciplines for employees and executives alike.


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