Outsource the Rest

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

by Alyssa Avant

Over the past few months, I have truly began to embrace the following phrase, “Do what you do best, outsource the rest.”  I encourage you to do the same.  Not just because I’m the CEO of an outsourcing firm and can service your needs, but also because I want you to experience the freedom, security and power that it gives you.  I have always been a person whose first thought when it came to investing in something new for my business whether it be a new software, a new business tool, or outsourcing, was, “Can I afford it?”  I have since learned that sometimes, “I can’t NOT afford it” is a better description for the things I would often question investing in.

Let me just share with you my experience with outsourcing.  Late in 2011 I built up my confidence, took a deep breath and began outsourcing some of the tasks in my business that are not my strong points.  These have included for me: bookkeeping, copywriting and I have continued to outsource graphic work, which I mostly outsourced from day one.

The bookkeeping piece of my business was a huge weight to lift off my shoulders.  My bookkeeper is amazing and the reports and results that she delivered to me in time for me to file my taxes early like my husband and I like to do each year were an additional plus. In addition, she has created for me reports that show my results financially this year versus this time last year and I am able to see my real growth in black and white.

The copywriting piece for me is one that I have always struggled with, I am a writer, but when it came to “selling” it wasn’t something that came easy to me.  Outsourcing this task instead has allowed me to know it was done and done well, without having to rack my brain and stare at a blank screen for hours with little results.

There are likely similar tasks in your business that drive you crazy or that you just plain hate.  I encourage you to invest in outsourcing those tasks to someone who loves it as much as you love what you do best.  If some of those tasks are technical you’ll want to check out her services.


Alyssa Avant is a published author, professional speaker, and tech coach. Alyssa has been working virtually since 2007. She has years of experience working with online professionals and business owners.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they can avoid the years of trial and error that she experienced as a new online business owner. Alyssa takes special pride in teaching entrepreneurs how to begin and handle all of their technology needs. Alyssa has gone from being a solopreneur to building a team of professionals who help meet all her client’s technical needs.


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